Ancient Ruins
Icon Ancient Ruins Map Icon
Purpose Finding Treasure, Heart Pieces and Money
First Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Found in... All Villages (at least 3 in each Village)


Ancient Ruins are hidden caves leading to a treasure room. They can only opened by Dillon's rolling dash in the device called Spinner. Usually, there are three to four Ancient Ruins in different villages. Each Ruin has a chest which may contain Treasure or Heart Pieces. It reapears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.



  • The Ancient Ruins are always locked even if you cleared a Stage with all of a treasure box's contents. However, if you reenter any Ancient Ruin where you found a Heart Piece, you'll receive Money 100 inside in place of Heart Piece.
  • If you need more money fast, reenter in the same Ancient Ruins with precious Gems inside.