Basic Bandana
Dillon with Basic Bandana
Icon Basic Bandana Icon
Main Use Charge Strike
Uses Unlimited
Level Unlocked N/A
Cost 60
Previous Gear N/A
Next Gear Brawling Bandana

"The vital essence of the ranger is infused in this bandana, keeping the wearer calm during battle."

The Basic Bandana is the first Bandana Dillon is seen wearing in-game. It is cyan colored, streaked by yellow.


The basic bandana allows Dillon to charge up his roll attack. The attack is intitiated by sliding the stylus down the touchscreen to charge the attack, then releasing to use the attack. Fully charging the attack, when hitting a Grock, will release a small shock wave that can knock back other Grocks. Upgrading the bandana will increase the attack's strength and the size of the shock wave.



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