Big Ramgrock
TLR Big-Ramgrock
Map Icon N/A
Key Word Big Ram
Grock Type Giants
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western:The Last Ranger
Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western:The Last Ranger
Health High
Attacks Hammer rapid strikes

Charged Hammer

Drop Loot Stone Wedge (Common)

Chunk (Uncommon)

Skull Stone (Rare)

"A larger type of Ramgrock. Due to it's size, it is virtually impossible to avoid its hammer-like attacks. For some reason, this type is found only underground."

The Big Ramgrock is a new type of Ramgrock that appears in the game Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. This grock is just like the Ramgrock, but bigger in size. This Grock will only found in Treasure Hunts.

Physical Appearance

The look of this grock is pretty straight forward, it is just like the Ramgrock, but bigger in size.

Fighting Style

These are as aggressive as Ramgrocks with the same fighting style and traits. This grock has more health than regular Ramgrocks making them a tough foe. Their primary attack consists of hammering the area in front of them repeatedly in a line, this including its size can be extremely difficult to dodge. After several strikes, the Ramgrock will begin to charge another powerful attack and because of its size, it has a longer range. Whether or not the Ramgrock strikes Dillon, the Skull Stone part of this grock will become briefly lodged in the ground. Dillon can attack the Ramgrock without danger during this brief time.



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