Big Swinghorngrock
Map Icon N/A
Key Word Big Swing Horn
Grock Type Boss
First Appearance Imperious Rex Ruins
Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Health Very High
Attacks Charge, Spin Swing Body Slam (all in 1 move), Duo Horn Swing
Drop Loot Crazy-Eye Rock (Common)

Swinghorn Spinner (Uncommon)

Forever Horns (Rare)

"A fully mature Swinghorngrock. Its said that years ago, a single Swinghorngrock was responsible for destroying an entire large-scale-tunnel construction site."

The Big Swinghorngrock is a bull-like Bossgrock that only appears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger within the Treasure Hunts. This boss-type grock is one of the rarest grocks that can be encountered in the game. This grock is a challenging foe, possessing health rivaling the Vulcangrock and Diamongrock, but with more  attacks at its disposal to stop Dillon.

Physical Appearance

This massive grock looks very similar to the Swinghorngrock, but with a dark coloring resembling an iron coating. The properties of its immature form are the same; however, it is distinguished as a grock with its squat shape, glaring yellow eyes, and two massive side horns.

Attack Style

This grock's high defense can cause battles with it to drag out for a while. It is normally found with other Swinghorngrocks.

Like some grocks, the most distinguished move used is a simple charge attack. This can be predicted and dodged very easily. However, the charge is exactly like a Swinghorngrock's, being able to turn instead of going in a straight line.

Some of its moves can be predicted by how it starts an attack. The Swinghorn grock may swing is horns once or twice to catch Dillon off guard. If Dillon is going for a Grind Attack, he must wait for the second swing in order to actually use the move without getting damaged.

The grock's Spin Swing Body Slam has it jump, spin around in a circle, and slam to the ground all at once. Afterwards, it will spawn Swinghorngrocks and either Stronggrocks, Helmgrocks or Maskgrocks. This is a very strong move that should be watched for due to the power of this move, being capable of hitting Dillon twice for high damage. Caution is advised when tackling such a boss enemy.



  • Its attack style seems to resemble that of a bull's.
  • Its appearance resembles the phrase "The Iron Bull" because of its strength and power.

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