Block Wall
Icon  ??
Purpose Direct a Grock's path
First Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Found in...  ??

"These moving walls were set up by the ancient tribes. Their existence proves that grock attacks also occurred in the past."

Block Walls are blocking strutuctures in some stages. They can refilled by Dillon in "spinner" devices near the two sides of main pillars. His use is exclusively for defensive purposes.


Unlike the Pillars, these walls dirrect the path of the grock to another direction. This is usefull for walls that are closser to the villages so grocks wouldn't go to it. However, Dillon must keep watch on where these grocks go to. Thankfully, these walls are reuseable, so they can be reused when knocked down.



  • The first appearance of Block Walls is in the River Delta's Stage.

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