New Grock 2
Map Icon  ??
Key Word Boom
Grock Type Special
First Appearance {{{First Appearance }}}
Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Health Very Low
Attacks Explode
Drop Loot Sulfur (common)

Coal (uncommon)

"The Boomgrocks swiftly follows the path of a train track. If anything hits it, it will unleash a huge blast. Its a dangerous threat to the train."

Boomgrocks are highly explosive Grocks that are introduced in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. Even if they are weak, they are capable of dealing a large amount of damage to the Train and/or Dillon himself if he gets into battle with these explosive enemies.

Physical Appearance

Boomgrocks have somewhat of a bluecolored spherical appearance with a yellow stick on the top, closely resembling bombs. When they begin to explode, the eyes are widened and red cracks start to show. Followed by the stick being poped out, it starts to flicker with sparks of fire.

Fighting Style


Whenever the Boomgrocks come out of their dens, their main priority is to attack the train. What they will do is walk up the nearest rail and hop on to the rail. They will start to roll in the direction of the train. However, once they are on the rails, they are extremely vulnerable and will be destroyed in one hit. The fact of that, if the rail switch is switched when the train has passed already, the Bombgrock will go to the direction of the rail switch. This gives you a chance to destroy the grock before it turns around and goes for the train.

In battle

It is wise to avoid any/all battles against these explosive rock creatures. Whenever Dillon lays one grind attack on these enemies, they will start to explode. So Dillon will not have the chance to do grind attacks on them to get their sulfur and coal, you will take damage instead. What Dillon could do, he can continuously hit the Boomgrocks until the top pops are and they start to chase him. When the Boomgrock explodes, any close Boomgrocks will explode, which makes the battle field a living mine field.

If the Boomgrocks are close to each other's explosion, it can cause a chain reaction. This is a VC opportunity if 3 Boomgrocks are chained, this is known as Chain Maker.



  • Boomgrocks name is derived form the sound of an explosion.
  • People’s first thought of the name of this grock was “Bombgrock,” but was later known to be Boomgrock. from the english version of the official website for Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, the name of the grock is "Bombgrock" which is similar to the first thought on the grock. The description says this: "This special Grock can roll down the railroad tracks. Its body is a bomb, so if one hits the train, the damage is massive."

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