"I told you, I'm the strongest!"

Boone, also known as The Berserk Shooter, is a character who appears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. He is a powerful but foolish bear who helps Dillon once the former is defeated. After completing The Old Mission in the original game, he was briefly shown through a silhouette on a teaser of the game he would debut in. He battles using his strength, gun, and throws, making him more of a tank against Grocks.


Physical Appearence

Boone is a large muscular brown bear with two shotgun shell holders around his body forming an "X", a yellow bandanna, and wearing a belt. He usually carries his shotgun on his hand, but when he is not using it, it is strapped on his back. Boone's eyes are usually always halfway closed.




Dillon first meets Boone at Roundup Springs.

Ranger Stats

Boone Ranger Info Taken from Original Website



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