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Key Word Boss
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health High
Attacks Headbutt, Body Slam
Drop Loot Red Rock (Common)

Red Helmet Rock (Common)

Rock Heart (Uncommon)

"This huge grock works as a pack leader. It has the ability to summon up Footgrocks to assist it in battle."

Bossgrocks are giant red Grocks that, as their name implies, are the first boss enemies of the game. Bossgrocks are first encountered on the second day in Cinchville. They are the first boss-type grocks to appear in the game. This type of Grock reappears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

The Bossgrock is a larger version of the Footgrock, but colored red.

Fighting Style


Most of the time, as boss-type Grocks, Bossgrocks won't appear as often as their companions. When they appear, they head straight torwards the village, ignoring towers. They have a lot of health, so will likely shrug off gunfire unless they pass by enough gun towers to chip down their health enough.

In Battle

Bossrocks primarily attack by slamming into Dillon with their head. This attack can be avoided by moving to the side. Bossgrocks can also body-slam the ground, spawning Footgrocks  and Weakgrocks. The body-slam will also injure Dillon; however, Dillon can avoid this attack if he is currently chaining a Claw Attack.

Bossgrocks have a high defense, being boss-type enemies. They can be quite a chore for Dillon to eliminate while he still only has basic gear, though they are much easier to beat with stronger gear obtained as the game progresses.



  • Starting at the River Delta, a new Boss Grock called the Diregrock starts to appear and is much tougher then a regular Bossgrock.