The Charge Attack is an attack used by Dillon. This aptly named attack is a charged Rolling Attack, unleashing a shock wave after impact on target. This is the strongest single-blow attack in Dillon's arsenal.


  • Touch the bottom screen and hold to charge, then release to perform a charge attack.


  • Hold the stylus on bottom screen to charge. A fuller charge means more power. Dillon will create a shockwave that will damage and knock over nearby enemies if the gauge says Full Charge and if Dillon comes into contact with something during the attack.
  • To gains more powerful strikes, equip stronger boots in addition to a strong bandana will also increase the strength of a impact, potentially destroying Weakgrocks and Footgrocks caught in the shock wave.
  • This are a good alternative to eliminates quickly grocks bosses-type, i.e. Megagrocks and others.

A secret to Charged Strikes

Preforming a successful charged attack to a specific target will have an increased change of dropping Rare Items instead of more Common or Uncommon items. This can be very useful when doing Treasure Hunts.


  • This move is available as a default attack, along with the standard Rolling Attack and Claw Attack.
  • Later in the game, this move can be powered up in Arma-Mode with the Ancient Buckle and Armedo Buckle to unleash stronger shockwaves and home in on enemies, respectively.

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