Village Mayor Mayor Hogg
Defense Gate Locations North and East
Number of Ancient Ruins 3
Latest Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Number of Scrogs Started 10 Scrogs
Starting Train Health N/A
Gears Recieved N/A

Cinchville is the first village of the game. In some countries, the village is known as Beginner's Gulch. Its leader is Mayor Hogg. It's also known as Stage 1: "The Red Flash". You will enter the village with 1000 gold and there are no requirements to enter as it's the first village.

  • The town only has 2 defense gates.
  • There is is a single Heart Piece in the Field, but its location is a secret.
  • You will encounter Footgrocks, Weakgrocks, and the Bossgrock.
  • There are 3 Ancient Ruins around Cinchville.
  • You start with 10 scrogs on Day 1.
  • When you first play through this village, you are unable to purchase gear.

Star Time Requirements

4 Stars: 12:00 or under

3 Stars: 12:01 - 14:45

2 Stars: 14:46 - 18:43

1 Star: 18:44 or over

Quests Star

The 5th Star is earned by completing all quests. Here are the Quests for this stage: