The Claw Attack is an attack used by Dillon. This is a default attack. Dillon performs slashing attacks that deal more damage than the Grind Attack but not that much damage as the Charge Attack. Its strength and the number of hits depends on what level of Gloves he wears. This attack is easily linked if Dillon is surrounded by enemies. Move the Circle Pad while Dillon are in the air to get to another target. Claw Attacks are the quickest way to defeat an entire Grock squad.


  • After hitting a target with a Rolling Attack, tap the screen again again. Try to chain up some combos! If you can't get the timing down right, repeatedly tapping will also continue the combo.


  • After a Grock is destroyed, if the combo has not yet maxed out its number of hits and there is another Grock nearby, continuing the combo will cause Dillon to home in on the other Grock.
  • The Claw Attack is a great way of avoiding attacks like the slams of Bossgrocks, as well as attacks in general, since Dillon remains airborne during claw combos.
  • Where grind attacks are normally used to gain more goodies from defeating Grocks, Claw Attacks deal more damage and are best for quickly clearing out a horde of Grocks.



  • This move is available in the start game as a standard attack, as with the Rolling Attack.