Croaky Jr
Client Madam Croaky
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western Last Stand
Task Find an Aurolia!
Reward Money 5000
Penalty - Money 2500

In this the quest Croaky Jr, Madam Croaky asks Dillon for find an Aurolia, in the Mines in Last Stand.

Getting the Quest

Madam Croaky: - Ribbit! I have glad tidings!

The stork brought me some new froggy spawn!
When my precious husband died, I didn't think I would smile again.
But now, I'm happier than a frog with a million jewels!
We should celebrate this rare and precious occasion with something equally great.
The ultimate treasure, an aurolia would make a perfect gift for the occasion!
I'm sure no one will mind if I select this gift for myself.
It's extremely rare, but do you best! Hop to it!

Completed task

Madam Croaky: - Ribbit! Ribbit! This is a perfect maternity gift. Thank you!

It's a jaw-droppingly beautiful! It's a most exquisite gift!
But... For me, greater than any sparkly gift is...
The gift of my new tadpoles! I'm going to be the best froggy mother to them!
Ooh! I think can feel them kicking. They must be due already!
Thank you for helping me experience a joy that is better than jewels!
Please take my riches. I will have my flippers full looking after all my tadpoles!
Ribbit! Thank you, and so long, ranger!

Failed to complete task

Madam Croaky: - Croak! Croak! Croak! Croak! Croak! Croak!

These babies make a lot of noise even before they hatch!
You're little more than a baby ranger yourself!
If you don't have the gem I wanted, you will just have to give me cash so I can buy it.

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