Crystals List
Crystals are items that can be used against the Grocks. You acquire Crystals buying with the Mayor's village or dropped after defeating Grocks (in field). These Items allowsgivesrocks. There is a total of 7 different types of crystals.


Freeze Icon Crystal Freeze: The crystal "Freeze" Freezes a locked-on Grock group, with an exception to the Ultimogrock, the Crysgrock, the Diamongrock, and the Wheelgrock.

Bomb Icon Crystal Bomb: The crystal "Bomb" is a crystal that damages Grocks. Instantly defeats FootgrocksWeakgrocks, and Gungrocks in the field. It is uneffective against Megagrocks, the Ultimogrock, and the Wheelgrock.

Home Icon Crystal Home: the crystal "Home" teleports Dillon to stage town, mostly at the gate you entered in recently.

Speed Icon Crystal Speed: This crystal "Speed" will allow Dillon to continuously dash, no matter what the terrain is, even if it's mud.

Plug Icon Crystal Plug: The crystal "Plug" Allows Dillon to block a Glock Den, preventing grocks from using that den. This crystal is only available in Dillon's Rolling Western.

Wonder Bomb Icon Crystal Wonder Bomb: The crystal "Wonder Bomb" is a more powerful version of the Crystal Bomb. It is also uneffective against Megagrocks, the Ultimogrock, and the Wheelgrock.

Shield Icon Crystal Shield: The crystal "Shield" that can only be used on the Train and the Cart. It protects the vehicle for a short period of time from attacking grocks. This crystal is only available in The Last Ranger.