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Key Word Diamond
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
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Health Very High
Attacks Head-Smash, Ram, Body Slam
Drop Loot Red Rock (Uncommon)

Rock Heart (Rare)

"Giant grocks found inside Ultimogrock. They work like antibodies and fight off any invading life-forms that manage to get past the Crysogrocks."

The Diamongrock is a new variety of Grock that only appears inside the Ultimogrock, acting like antibodies alongside Crysgrock. Even though the Crysgrocks reappeared in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, the Diamongrocks did not.

Fighting Style

Diamongrocks are of equal attacking strength in comparison to Diregrocks. Though they still attack in the same way, Diamongrocks cannot spawn smaller grocks when body-slamming as can Diregrocks.

Diamongrocks, adhering to their name, are difficult to defeat with their defenses as they have perhaps the highest defense of any grock that is fought directly. They can also appear in pairs or alongside Crysgrocks, making them a force to be reckoned with.



  • They resemble recolored Diregrocks, except slightly stronger and being able to appear in pairs.
  • The main difference in battle style is that there is no "finish line", requiring only that Dillon defeat the grocks to enable him to attack the Ultimogrock's core once more.
  • When they try to slam Dillon with their head, though, they are much slower than other attackers.
  • The fact that they may appear in pairs makes them much more lethal than even other boss Grocks.
  • Despite their name, though, Diamongrocks do not resemble diamonds in the least; rather, they are patterned with orange and brown stripes.
  • Diamongrocks can still be considered Boss-type grocks because Dillon cannot progress in the battle with the Ultimogrock without defeating the grocks inside.