Dillon the Last Ranger artwork
Species Armadillo
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
Affiliations Russ, Various Villages, Various Mayors
Latest Appearance Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers

- Dillon

Dillon (Japanese:, Jiro), also known as the Red Flash, is the eponymous and protagonist character in Dillon's Rolling Western. Dillon is an armadillo that becomes a ranger. Although a seemingly kind character, Dillon's past is shrouded in mystery, though his life is gradually unraveled throughout the course of the game.


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Dillon's Rolling Western

Dillon made his first appearance in Dillon's Rolling Western as the main protagonist and playable character in the game. Dillon and his partner Russ become rangers to earn money. They need the money to pay for the deed of their childhood home, which an anonymous character (later revealed to be King Ron) owns.

The duo's first job is to protect ten villages in the plains from the mysterious rock monsters, the Grocks, which eat the villages' main livestock, the Scrogs.

Throughout his adventure, Dillon meets various characters, collects many items, and defends each village from the Grocks.

Dillon and Russ disappeared after they had been not yet been able to accustom with the popularity they achieved after defeating the Grocks.

Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger

A year of hiding later, Dillon and Russ once again defend villages and a train from a return of the grocks, as hinted after defeating the Mecha-Barrel in The Old Mission. During that time, he encounters Gallo, Boone, and Nomad, whom he can defeat so they can help him out.


Physical Appearance

Dillon is a slender armadillo. He has red armor that begins on his head and ends at his tail; the armor contains six bands that are tangent to his back. His skin is goldenrod and visibly rough. His nose protrudes forward into a snout, and his eyes are blue. He noticeably has a small scar under his left eye, though it is unknown how he obtained it. He wears a cyan and yellow bandanna tied around his neck.

Dillon has two relatively long arms that each end in three sharp, brown claws covered by a glove. Around his waist, he wears a leather belt that contains a holster, shown to carry a radio-like device that allows him to communicate with Russ (and the Mayors/ Towers too). He has two small legs compared to the rest of his body, donning boots most of the time.

Dillon's new outfit is characterized by the black leather jacket and black leather pants that cover his body. He changed his signature hat for a black hat as well. Accessories in his new outfit include reinforced shoulder pads with two steel plates and two differently shaped knee pads (one common knee-shaped shield and the second is in the shape of a diamond).

In the hat he put on protective eyewear, similar to miner's glasses. In the belt it has two boxes of small engines (most of the red paint and silver details, with a carburetor just in the back), responsible for allowing the greatest acceleration possible in less time. Small engines can be used as a landmine, wreaking havoc on grocks in the midst of a battle.



Dillon being silent.

Russ characterizes Dillon as the "strong, silent type", as evidenced by the first time Russ introduces Dillon. The "silent" part is further evidenced by the fact that Dillon has no speaking roles, only a simple "......" when introduced. Besides Russ' statements about Dillon, he is never given a concrete personality besides being persistent and often mute besides his shouts on the plain or in battle. After defending Last Stand, Russ tells Dillon that he should speak for once. When eating dinner, when there are vegetables on his plate, he will not eat them, which can be explained as armadillos prefer to eat insects.

Other Appearances

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS


Challenger approaching!

Dillon makes a guest appearance in Nintendo's mascot fighter Super Smash Bros. 4 as an Assist Trophy, a character that can be summoned during a fight to help out the character that grabs the Assist Trophy. In his appearance here, Dillon uses his signature rolling attacks and charges to attack opposing fighters.



  • Dillon is so far the only character in the series to not speak.
    • He is also the only playable character in the series.
  • Even though Dillon never talks once, Russ mentions that he does talk, but he says that he only so rarely when Russ is talking to Miss Gabriela.
  • Over the course of the game, Dillon can collect Pieces of Hearts (similar to the the Legend of Zelda series) to increase his total up to 10 Heart points.
  • Dillon can also buy and receive equipment to power up his attacks and give him new abilities.
  • Dillon and Russ' past is unraveled as the game progresses.
  • The real reason Dillon and Russ want to help is to get money because someone, a.k.a. King Ron, has the deeds to their childhood home and won't fork over the deeds without cash in return, although they did not know it was him for he answered as anonymous until they actually came to the place. In the end, they get the deed back without giving up the money.