This is how Dillon's Rolling Western came to be.


Note: This is translated from Japanese to English.

ep. 1

[having difficulty/unable to translate on this part]

ep. 2

Ep 2
Please let the action done to me ep.2 us!

Many 2D work of story-past works Bampur. (Producer) while encouraging, "I will go with a good genre" Tanabe P of Nintendo, it did not restrain us never to try to make the "action". We're because it was full of himself. And I think now. "Bluff Na is the mother of seccess"

ep. 3

Ep 3
have never "defeat opponent lying in pachinko operation"

origin of ep.3 feeling from it, planning is camera shake. Of "Tingle coloring" to fight in the pachinko "boss fight" is that hint origin. But planning is a relatively lax Other than that, it was supposed to be saved by Tanabe P again and again.

Still in progress...

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