The Dillon's Rolling Western Soundtrack is all the music that has been written and played in the Dillon's Rolling Western Series. Even though a Sound Test or Music player wasn't introduced in Dillon's Rolling Western, The Jukebox was introduced in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger after compleating Main Stage 7: "The Last Ranger" at least once. The Jukebox also introcuces Music that was removed or unused in the games, but avalible for anyone to listen to.

Here is all the music that is in both games:

Dillon's Rolling Western

Track 1: App Jingle

DRW App Jingle

Track 2: Title

DRW Title

Track 3: File Select

DRW File Select

Track 4: Save

DRW Save

Track 5: Stage Select

DRW Stage Select

Track 6: Prologue

DRW Prologue

Track 7: Mission

DRW Mission

Track 8: Confirm

DRW Confirm

Track 9: Overworld

DRW Overworld

Track 10: Mine

DRW Mine

Track 11: Tower

DRW Tower

Track 12: Ancient Ruins

DRW Ancient Ruins

Track 13: Treasure Catch!

DRW Treasure Catch

Track 14: Piece of Heart 1

DRW Piece of Heart 1

Track 15: Piece of Heart 2

DRW Piece of Heart 2

Track 16: Incoming!

DRW Incoming

Track 17: Raid

DRW Raid

Track 18: Attack!

DRW Attack

Track 19: Warning

DRW Warning

Track 20: Battle

DRW Battle

Track 21: Escape

DRW Escape

Track 22: Arma-Mode

DRW Arma Mode

Track 23: Victory

Track 24: Defended

Track 25: Daily Reward

Track 26: Bar

Track 27: Training

Track 28: Mission Accomplished

Track 29: Mission Failed

Track 30: Rest 

Track 31: Results

Track 32: Danger

Track 33: Last Boss

Track 34: Last Boss Battle

Track 35: We Did It!

Track 36: Victory Bar

Track 37: Epilogue

Track 38: Credits

DRW Credits

Track 39: Rin Kong

Track 40: Game Over

Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger (Jukebox)

Track 1: Enter the Wild

Track 2: A Difficult Choice

Track 3: Guideposts in the wild

Track 4: A New Fight

Track 5: A Village in the Crosshairs

Track 6: The Rolling Western Theme

Track 7: Planning a Counterattack

Track 8: Workin' in the Ore Mine

Track 9: Las Misteriosas Ruinas

Track 10: The Treasure Revealed

Track 11: Three Easy Pices

Track 12: An Omen from the Nest

Track 13: Adversaries' Arival

Track 14: Battle Signs

Track 15: Spin and Smash!

Track 16: Arma-Mode Villainy

Track 17: A Broken, Shattered Scoundrel

Track 18: Protect the Iron Horse!

Track 19: Grock Grief!

Track 20: Leavin' Town

Track 21: The Hero Settles Up

Track 22: Nightmare at the Saloon

Track 23: Ballad of an Outlaw

Track 24: Ballad of an Outlaw Part 2

Track 25: No Sympathy for Rangers

Track 26: Duel with Gallo

Track 27: Duel with Boone

Track 28: Duel with Nomad

Track 29: The Victor

Track 30: The Sound of a Settlement 

Track 31: Duelist Defeated

Track 32: Dillon, Resurrected

Track 33: The Saloon Feels Like Home

Track 34: The Quiet Wilderness

Track 35: The Getaway

Track 36: Quest Success!

Track 37: Quest Failed

Track 38: Dillon Sleeps

Track 39: Battle's End

Track 40: A Village Defended

Track 41: The Train Goes On

Track 42: Descent into Darkness

Track 43: Wandering Monsters

Track 44: Left the Repairs to Them!

Track 45: A Land of No Tomorrow

Track 46: Ranger, Riding on the Storm

Track 47: The Courage of Russ

Track 48: The Bow of Armedo

Track 49: The Last, Fierce Battle

Track 50: Dirt Nap for Wheelgrock

Track 51: Reveille

Track 52: The Flute of Oaths

Track 53: Work Complete

Track 54: Work Complete (Retro)

Track 55: Player Piano in the Shed

Track 56: Unwelcome Death

Track 57: Harmonica Song (Unused)

Track 58: Twilight Swing (Unused)

Track 59: Tumbleweed Blues (Unused)

Track 60: Echoes of the Wild (Unused)


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