Dinner is an option at the Saloon where Dillon can replinish lost hearts. Sometimes you get the Saloon Bartender telling that he must have enjoyed the meal or you get Russ telling Dillon to eat his food if there is something left on the plate. For some reason, Dillon does not eat vegetables.

Game Description

Eat dinner in the saloon to fill Dillon's heart containers. Bandits wolf down their food, but rangers chew properly.

List of Meals

  1. Rock chilies and mountain-pepper spicy curry.
  2. Cold cactus jelly with fried bomb beans.
  3. Green-lizard hot salad with rock-fried rice.
  4. Cookie fried up with cave crickets.
  5. Rattlesnake soup
  6. Marinaded sunfish with vegetables
  7. Water-bettle Gratin topped with Grated Scrog Cheese
  8. Spare Scrog Ribs, Gunpowder Style, with Steamed Veggies
  9. Fried Firefly Fry-Up
  10. Sliced mountain onions.

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