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Key Word Dire
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health High
Attacks Headbutt, Body Slam
Drop Loot Eyeball Rocks (Common)

Achilles Rock (Uncommon)

Boulder Heart (Rare)

"A formidable type of Bossgrock with large horns. Made from rock similar to that of a Stronggrock, it's hard to wear down."

The Diregrock is the next step up from the Bossgrock. They are a bright blue color with long, sharp horns. Their battle style is the same, but they are made from the same material as Stronggrocks, making them harder to beat. They are introduced in the River Delta. They return in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Fighting Style

Diregrocks attack primarily by attempting to smash Dillon with their head (the range of the attack is larger than the Bossgrock's due to its horns). Diregrocks are capable of summoning Footgrocks and Stronggrocks by slamming into the ground, causing them to spawn from the soil instead of from dens. This body-slam is also capable of knocking Dillon back and injuring him. Unlike the head-slam attack, this attack can be avoided if Dillon is in the process of attacking with a Claw Attack combo.

As with all boss-style grocks, Diregrocks have a high defense, even higher than that of a Bossgrock. With the strongest gear available, they still take quite a few hits to defeat.