Don Iguana
Don Iguana
Species Iguana
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
Affiliations Dillon, Russ, Various Villages, Various Mayors
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"You're too late, ranger. We can't fight fate. We'll just have to give up and surrender"
- Don Iguana

Don Iguana is the final mayor Dillon and Russ meet. He's the mayor of the 10th and final stage, Last Stand. At first, he felt that it was useless to defeat the Grocks and suggests that they should flee from the village, because a big threat was coming. Dillon and Russ eventually defeated the colossal threat, with Don and the other mayors later heavily rewarding them.


Physical Appearence






Quotations (in DRW)

Last Stand

After returning village (in Prep Time) he says:

Don Iguana: - Dillon, how's it going? I hope you haven't run into too much trouble out there.

After select Donate scruffles in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Don Iguana: - Thank you. Having more scrogs is a relief.

After complete a Defense Gate in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Don Iguana: - Thank you. I worry one will be able to escape from the village, though.

After select Exit Village (in Prep Time) he says:

Don Iguana: - We're relying on you completely. Good luck, Dillon!

If a Grock Squad approaches the village's gates (in Raid Time), he says in the radio device:

Don Iguana: - The village is under attack!


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