Duels are a new addition to the game, Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, where Dillon challenges fellow rangers to a showdown. This tests Dillon's skills with patience and speed. A reward for successfully defeating that ranger in a specified duel will get the reward of that ranger becoming his ally. These duels are first fought when paying a ranger while in Side Stages.


These are specified moves that Dillon performs to  attack or dodge a ranger.

Rolling Attack

The basic move to attack an opponent straight on. This move usually deals the final blow.  The controls to activate a Rolling Attack are the same as the ones used on the title screen. If this action is done too quickly, Dillon will stumble and be knocked out by the ranger. Sometimes, the roll attack can become a Drift Attack. A roll attack can also become a continuous roll. 


Dillon quickly moves to evade incoming shots or objects. Tapping the dodge button will make Dillon dodge. If this action is done too quickly, Dillon will take the damage done by the ranger.


When Dillon is shot or knocked out, he gathers strength to get back up. Tapping on the recovery button quickly will get Dillon back on his feet. If the button is not tapped quickly enough, Dillon will lose his strength and lose the duel.

Note: This is only available in the first encounter on Side Stages, and not on the Duel Replays.

Grind Attack

Dillon grinds on an object that deals a final blow to the ranger. Tapping on the grind button will get Dillon closer to defeating the ranger.


Dillon Vs. Gallo

Dillon Vs Gallo

First Time


Dillon walks out of the Saloon in the quiet night and into the middle of the village grounds where Russ stands.

"The streets are deserted. He doesn't have any backup." says Russ "You've got this, right, Dillon? If you draw first, you WILL be shot! That's all there is to it. He'll probably go for a head shot, so you can't just stand there."

Dillon crosses his arms and continues to listen to Russ.

"So you need to start rolling as soon as he draws to shoot you," Russ said "The bullets should fly over you and miss you completely."

Dillon puts his hands down and looks away.

"You'll be able to tell when he's about to attack by the look in his eyes..." Said Russ as he starts to talk slowly, "Dillon..." Dillon looks at Russ. "In this duel... that instant will be your opening..."

Gallo walks out of the Saloon and says, "Hmm... You two really chap my hide..." He begins to toss some coins once and stops. "I think it's about time you two took a nap... a dirt nap." Gallo shouts, "From here on out, I'm going to be the one taking the money!!"


As Gallo walks towards the middle of the field Dillon stares at Gallo getting into position. Gallo gets into position and there is a moment of silence and a stare-down. Gallo move his hand towards his pistol, Dillon then gets into position crouching.  A long silence and no movement fills the air as the dust flows through the battlefield. At the moment where Gallo makes an eye catch, Dillon makes a move and rolls after Gallo. Gallo gets his pistol out and shoots Dillon, but the shot is too high to hit Dillon. Gallo is then knocked out, leaving Dillon left standing.

Second Time

Gallo, in the same position as the last battle with Dillon, has a slight stare off with Dillon. The ranger then has his hand near the pistol again, but he gets down low enough to not make the some mistake from the first duel. Dillon, getting into position again, there comes no movement while the dust blows in the night. When Gallo makes the eye catch, Dillon makes a move, and does a roll attack straight towards Gallo, having the chance, gets his pistol out and shoots it straight at Dillon. Dillon quickly does a Drift attack, missing the bullet, and hitting Gallo on his right side. Gallo is then launched up and dropped down as Dillon lands on his feet. Slowly he gets up with his last strength, with his bag of coins in his hand, changing his money. 

"You lost! How do you like that?" Russ says to the ranger.

In a low voice, Gallo said, "So, Dillon... What do you say we call it a draw?" He then has his head down, in defeat.

Dillon Vs. Boone

Dillon Vs Boone

First Time

The battle starts off like battling Gallo, however Dillon can't do a simple roll attack. Boone has the capability of attacking Dillon from the front. So at the right moment, Dillon must dodge both of Boone's shots from his large shotgun. After the second shot, Boone destroys a couple of bags of white sand, and he will attempt to slam his shotgun at Dillon to finish him off. Dillon must then finish off with a rolling attack to defeat him.

Second Time

Same as the first duel, but before the second shot, Boone will try to trick Dillon by getting ready to fire. After the second shot, Boone will carry a wheel to attack Dillon. Once Dillon begin to roll, the player must tap the screen very quickly in order to win.

Dillon Vs. Nomad

Dillon Vs Nomad

First Time

Dillon needs to roll twice towards Nomad to avoid getting sniped. Once close enough, Nomad will start throwing knives at Dillon. Nomad will then take out his gun that can trick the player into attacking before the correct time to strike.

Second Time

Nomad with start off by throwing bombs that Dillon must dodge. Nomad then leaps in the air and will attack with his swords three times. Afterwards, Nomad will try to spray ink on Dillon while Dillon rolls into Nomad. The player must keep Dillon rolling at Nomad due to him trying to fight back.

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