Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl
Village Mayor Mayor Shelly
Defense Gate Locations North, East, South, and West
Number of Ancient Ruins 3
Latest Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Number of Scrogs Started 35
Starting Train Health N/A
Gears Recieved N/A

The Dust Bowl is the ninth stage Dillon and Russ travel to. The mayor is Mayor Shelly. This stage is a wreck because the terrain allows the Grocks to get into the stage. When you reach the Dust Bowl, you can buy 8 sticks of dynamite due to the large amount of rock pillars. You need at least 24 stars and 7000 gold to enter the village.

  • The town has four village gates.
  • There's one piece of heart to collect.
  • You will not encounter any new grock types here.
  • You start with 35 scrogs on Day 1.

Star time Requirements

  • 4 Stars: 20:00 or under
  • 3 Stars: 20:01- 23:30
  • 2 Stars: 23:31- 28:15
  • 1 Star: 28:16 or over

Quests Star

The 5th Star is earned by completing all quests. Here are the Quests for this stage:


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