Floral Dreams
Client Sebastian
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western Danger Valley
Task Find a Drowsy Blossom growing in a high place!
Reward Money 1400
Penalty - Money 700

In the quest Floral Dreams, Sebastian askes Dillon to search for a Drowsy Blossom that is located in the high altitudes of Danger Valley. This quest is only in Dillon's Rolling Western.

Reminder: the quest has to be taken before Dillon can find the item.

Getting the Quest

Sebastian: - My poor boy! He can't sleep at all lately.

Sebastian's Son: - Can't... sleep...

Sebastian: - Anyone who smells a drowsy blossom instantly feels sleepy.

So we need to get our hands on one of these flowers.
But they only grow at higher altitudes.
I'm sure you'll find one if you search around high enough.
As you might guess, I suffer from vertigo, so I can't possibly get it myself.
We're counting on you!

Cleared task

Sebastian: - That's it! You really found a drowsy blossom!

Sebastian's Son: - Check it out! It smells really goo... Zzz!

Sebastian: - Thanks, mister.

I should be able to get to sleep as fast as my paw with this.

Failed to complete task

Sebastian: - My poor boy. We're just going to have give up on flowers and sleeping for now.

Sebastian's Son: - Need... sleep...

Sebastian: - Me and this ranger have some important money talk to do now, Son.

This is man's talk, so you should just try to get some rest.

Sebastian's Son: - Ok, Paw!

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