Forever Horns
Forever Horns
Icon Forever Horns Icon
Item Type Ores
Main Usage Selling
Dropped By.../Found in... Big Swinghorngrocks
Rarity Rare
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell 540

"Early pioneers, suprised by the length of these horns, gave them their current name."

Forever Horns are massive horns of the Big Swinghorngrock that is only obtained in Treasure Hunts in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. Only with the best gear (other than the Star Spikes because most likely they are broken upon encountering the grock) and being deep within the Imperious Rex Ruins can Dillon have a chance in getting this item.


  • These Horns are more rare than Mephistites, but has the same sell cost. This makes the Forever Horns the highest sell cost dropped by grocks only.
  • The Icon is most similar to the Gemini Horn but in black and white.

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