Fort Denial
Fort Denial
Village Mayor Mayor Howlihan
Defense Gate Locations East, South, and West
Number of Ancient Ruins 3
Latest Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Number of Scrogs Started 30
Starting Train Health N/A
Gears Recieved N/A

Fort Denial is the sixth village and is run by Mayor Howlihan. It's also known as Stage 6: "A Muddy Promise". The stage is largely overrun by mud, which causes problems traversing the area. It is also where Dillon and Russ learn about King Ron. You need at least 14 stars and 5500 gold to enter the village.

Star time Requirements

  • 4 Stars: 32:25 or under
  • 3 Stars: 32:26 - 35:05
  • 2 Stars: 35:06 - 39:45
  • 1 Star: 39:46 or over

Quests Star

The 5th Star is earned by completing all quests. Here are the Quests for this stage:

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