Freeze Crystal
Icon Freeze Icon
Item Type Crystal
Main Usage Freeze a Group of Grocks in place for a short amount of time.
Dropped By.../Found in... Village Shops, Grocks
Rarity Uncommon
Cost to Buy  ??
Cost to Sell  ??

"Stops a grock squad out on the plains for a while, buying precious seconds."

Freeze is a type of Crystal that freezes enemies in place (as the name implies), This is used in Dillon's Rolling Western and in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. Freeze crystals can be used in battle or on the field. No mater where it is used, it will freeze the targeted grock on the field, immobilizing it. The grock will either thaw out after a while, or when Dillon rolls into the grock. A good little tactic is to freeze the grock when it is near tower range. The tower will shoot the grock without thawing out the grock.



  • Like all the crystals, Dillon can only carry 3 at a time.