Gatling Guns
Icon Gattling Gun Map Icon
Basic Damage Low
Highest Level Level 3
Wood Cost 700
Iron Cost 1400
Steel Cost 3500
Wood Health 270
Iron Health 720
Steel Health 1620
Village Introduced DRW: Cinchville

TLR: Beginsville


Gatling Guns are weapons that can be equipped by gun towers. They are unique in that instead of firing a single strong shot and reloading, they fire continuously at grocks, gradually weakening them with weaker bullets.




  • Gattling Gun Lv. 1: 1800
  • Gattling Gun Lv. 2: 3400
  • Gattling Gun Lv. 3: 4200


  • The distance range is good to attacks a row of Grocks rapidly.


  • The continuous damage may not be enough to destroy a Grock or weaken it enough to the point it can be defeated with a simple roll, and during the time it's firing at a Grock it is easy for a Grock to move out of a Gatling Gun's range.




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