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Key Word Gold
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health Medium
Attacks Headbutt, Slam
Drop Loot Gold Flake (Common)

Chunk of Gold (Uncommon)

Gold Nuggets (Rare)

"This is a rare grock made of a golden rock. Oddly, it pops out of the ground without warning and hurries back to it's den."

Goldgrocks are some of the only Grocks that will spawn randomly in the day, along with the Veggrock, Red Veggrock, and Snaggrock. This type of Grock reappears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

Goldgrocks are in the same size and shape as Stronggrocks. They are somewhat cone-shaped, with pinkish eyes, two small horns on wither side of the head and the grocks' trademark stubby legs. The only difference in appearance, quite obviously, is the lustrous gold "skin".

Fighting Style


These grocks come out of the Grock dens as Russ tells Dillon as they appeared. They don't normally go after the Scrogs or the towers, so they will go at a normal paste back to another nearby den.

In Battle

Goldgrocks appear to be somewhat timid, but fight the same way that later Stronggrocks do.


  • Goldgrocks are literally walking gold mines.
  • Even though they are almost equal in size to the Bossgrock, Goldgrocks only shuffle away from you and are slow to attack.
  • If you fail to reach them, they will escape in one of the nearby dens. This raises the question as to why the grock spawns at all if not to attack the village, though it may simply be to move between dens if it is impossible to do so underground.
  • Though less likely, they may spawn at dusk during a raid. They start doing so when you reach the River Delta; the purpose of them appearing during raids is to cause temptation among players.
  • They first appear in Hillville in DRW.
  • For obtain more items and maximum cash are need equipped with weakest boots and uses of grind attacks continuously.
  • Provides a potential immediate cash (advantageous in case in the Raid Time, where Dillon cannot return to the village) in addition to selling the items obtained.
  • The linked attacks can normally spawning Money 10 every 10-hits, Money 20 for 20-hits, Money 50 for 30-hits in this list. But fighting against Goldgrocks, the same list have the speed tripled:
    • 10-hits earns Money 50 (one gold coin)
    • 20-hits earns Money 100 (two gold coins)
    • 30-hits earns Money 500 (five platinum coins)
    • And each 10-hits after this, ever earns the player with more Money 500 (five platinum coins)

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