Governor Cappy
Governor Cappy FullView
Species Capybara
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
Affiliations Dillon, Russ, Various Villages, Various Mayors
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"Señores, will you help us turn this place around? We've got new gear to aid you!"
- Governor Cappy

Governor Cappy is the mayor of following villages : HillvilleBeginsville, and later the Flaming Rivers Station. He explaines the properties of the freeze crystal, dynamites on the ancient pillars to use as blockades for Grocks, and gives Dillon the Ancient Buckle. He reappears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, as the first mayor Dillon meets after a year of him and Russ in hiding.


Physical Appearence






Quotations (in DRW)


After returning village (in Prep Time) he says:

Governor Cappy: - Oh! The ranger is back! Let's listen to what he has to say.

After select Donate scruffles in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Governor Cappy: - Gracias! That's a great help, señor.

After complete a Defense Gate in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Governor Cappy: - Sorry for the extra work. Normally, the menfolk here take care of it.

After select Exit Village (in Prep Time) he says:

Governor Cappy: - Preparing for battle's your priority. Don't waste too much time coming back here!

If a Grock Squad approaches the village's gates (in Raid Time), he says in the radio device:

Governor Cappy: - They're raiding the village!

Quotations (in TLR)



Flaming Rivers Station




  • Cappy's name is derived from his species, the capybara
  • Russ called Governor Cappy "Mr. Cappy Tano."
  • Governer Cappy first came up with the idea to use ore for defense gates.
  • His full name is "Louis Cappy."

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