Icon Grassyte Icon
Item Type Ores
Main Usage Selling
Dropped By.../Found in... Veggrock
Rarity Rare
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell 300

"Faintly colored green rock. It's often used as a paperweight."

The Grassyte is an item that may be dropped by Veggrocks during battle. They seem to look similar to the sphereical gem, the Green Eye, but a little lighter. These rare items are hard to find giving also that Dillon would have to encounter a Veggrock and hopefully get these rare items. Veggrocks cannot be grinded to get their items.


  • There is an item similar to the Grassyte that is dropped by the Red Veggrock, it is called a Pinkyte, it's different colored and a little more rare and higher priced than the Grassyte.

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