The Grocks
(Japanese: 岩石生命体, Ganseki Seimei-Tai - Rock Life Form) are a race of monsters, as they name suggests, are made of rock, and are the main antagonists and enemies of the Dillon series that come in many shapes and sizes, though most resemble boulders with stubby legs, which oddly enough resemble human feet. These creatures began terrorizing the West, but no one knows why. They attack en masse at the blast of a foghorn. A rare few have arms (Gungrocks and Diggrocks) or lack legs altogether (Springgrocks and Ultimogrock). They are characterized by their appearence when the sky turns red, preference to attack in waves of three, and their love of Scrogs, the various villages' livestock. There are a total of 40 species of Grock in the Dillon series, three of which are barrels (which are not true grocks but have the defense of them). Grocks have "bones" but they are just stones. If you collect 5-stars in every stage then you can view a gallery of all the Grocks that appear in the game from Sal's Grock Collection.

Types of Grocks

Grock List

Grock Icon Name List # Type Description Village(s) (The Rolling Western) Village(s) (The Last Ranger)
Footgrock Footgrock Map Icon V2 Footgrock 01 Regular Mysterious rock life-form that emerges out of the ground. Little is known about it except that it really likes to eat scroggs. Cinchville Beginsville
Weakgrock Weakgrock Map Icon V2 Weakgrock 02 Regular The lowest rank of all of the grocks is the Weakgrock. It's not a very strong or challenging foe. Cinchville Beginsville
Bossgrock Bossgrock Map Icon V2 Bossgrock 03 Boss This huge grock works as a pack leader. It has the ability to summon up Footgrocks to assist it in battle. Cinchville Beginsville
?? Gungrock Map Icon V2 Gungrock 04 Special Spits out bullets from its long snout. However, the recoil is quite strong and throws it flat on its back. Riverford Railfork Farm
Veggrock art
Veggrock Grock Icon
Veggrock 05 Neutral Disguised as a scruffle, this grock lies in wait for hungry scrogs. Unlike Footgrocks, this rare grock generally lives alone. Riverford Gambol Ranch
Snaggrock Art Snaggrock Map Icon Snaggrock 06 Neutral This grock likes nothing more than to ambush settlers to steal money. No one really knows why. It doesn't spend it anywhere. Riverford Roundup Springs
Ramgrock Ramgrock Map Icon V2 Ramgrock 07 Special This grock has a strangely evolved hammer-like skull, which it uses to destroy buildings. It has quite an appetite for destruction. Hillville Roundup Springs
?? Goldgrock Map Icon Goldgrock 08 Neutral This is a rare grock made of a golden rock. Oddly, it pops out of the ground without warning and hurries back to its den. Hillville Railfork Farm
Megagrock Art Megagrock-icon2 Megagrock 09 Boss Its appetite for destruction knows no bounds. Few have seen one and lived to tell the tale. Rio Grande Triple March Island
Motogrock Motogrock Map Icon Motogrock 10 Special This Biker grock careers around on his set of wheels at high speed, But in a battle, he'll dismount and fight like a gentleman. River Delta Eddyville
Stronggrock Stronggrock Map Icon V2 Stronggrock 11 Regular This is a superior grock fighter. Most scientists agree that a Footgrock evolves into a Stronggrock over time. River Delta Triple March Island
Diregrock Diregrock Map Icon V2 Diregrock 12 Boss A formidable type of Bossgrock with large horns. Made from rock similar to that of a Stronggrock, it's hard to wear down. Danger Valley Walledinmid Town
Maskgrock Art Maskgrock Map Icon Maskgrock 13 Regular Grocks that wear large masks. They're just Weakgrocks, but some are clever enough to armor themselves for battle. Fort Denial Trigate Fort
Springgrock Springgrock Map Icon Springgrock 14 Special The bottom half of this grock's body has morphed into a spring. It possesses a strange power that makes it flexible and springy. Fort Denial Squish Squash Village
Red Veggrock Grock Icon
Red Veggrock 15 Neutral  ?? Fort Denial Swerveroad Station
Magmagrock Magmagrock Map Icon Magmagrock 16 Special These volcanic grocks pose great danger to flammable buildings. Be careful of the magma that drips off their bodies. Whirlpool Gulch Athletica Fishing Village
?? Vulcangrock Map Icon V2 Vulcangrock 17 Boss A walking volcanic creature fueled by boiling magma. Settler's reports indicate that Magmagrocks are born from its volcanic crater. Whirlpool Gulch Flaming Rivers Station
?? Diggrock Map Icon V2 Diggrock 18 Special  ?? Danger Valley Doublehill Canyon
Helmgrock Art Helmgrock Map Icon V2 Helmgrock 19 Regular  ?? Danger Valley Doublehill Canyon
?? N/A Crysgrock 20 Regular A new creature discovered last year inside an ancient life-form. As it lives inside a Wheelgrock, it seems to function as an antibody for its host. Last Stand Ovalton
?? N/A Diamongrock [1*] Boss Giant grocks found inside Ultimogrock. They work like antibodies and fight off any invading life-forms that manage to get past the Crysogrocks. Last Stand N/A
Ultimogrock Ultimogrock Map Icon Ultimogrock [1*] Boss The final boss, which differs from the other grocks in every way. Nobody knows when or how it was created, or why it is attacking. Last Stand N/A
New Grock 3 Rail Ramgrock Map Icon Rail Ramgrock 21 Special A subspecies of Ramgrock. So far, no one has come up with a convincing explanation for why it exclusively unleashes its destructive behavior on the tracks. N/A Swerveroad Station
Mawgrock Mawgrock Map Icon Mawgrock 22 Special An extremely strange aquatic grock. As it evolved to live in water, it coincidentally came to resemble an alligator. Its ferocity and appetite are unmatched. N/A Triple March Island
Nuggetgrock Nuggetgrock Map Icon Nuggetgrock 23 Neutral A type of Goldgrock. Also called "the walking bonanza" because you can collect a lot of gems from it. Attack a certain part of it to obtain nuggets. N/A Swerveroad Station
New Grock 2 ?? Boomgrock 24 Special The Boomgrocks swiftly follows the path of a train track. If anything hits it, it will unleash a huge blast. Its a dangerous threat to the train. N/A Walledinmid Town
?? Young Wheelgrock Map Icon Young Wheelgrock 25 Special This grock type outwardly resembles the Wheelgrock. It first appeared when the Wheelgrock was revived, and it is possibly its juvenile form. N/A Ovalton
Wheelgrock Wheelgrock Map Icon Wheelgrock 26 Boss One of the final types of grocks to emerge during the last phase of the recent grock invasion. Despite many clues, scholars were unable to predict its appearance. N/A Ovalton
?? N/A Bold Weakgrock 27 Giants A Weakgrock that seems to have a form of gigantism. It is only found underground and might have some connection to deposits of precious minerals. N/A The Sunken Caves
?? N/A Infernogrock 28 Giants  ?? N/A Imperious Rex Ruins
?? N/A Magnum Gungrock 29 Giants  ?? N/A The Sunken Caves
?? N/A Big Ramgrock 30 Giants A larger type of Ramgrock. Due to its size, it is virtually impossible to avoid its hammer-like attacks. For some reason, this type is found only underground. N/A Grockburn Mine
Gold Ramgrock N/A Gold Ramgrock 31 Special A very rare type of Ramgrock that is made of gold. These types of Ramgrocks spawn from rich gold veins, and sightings tend to trigger a "gold rush" to the area. N/A Grockburn Mine
?? N/A Gemgrock 32 Neutral  ?? N/A Grockburn Mine
?? N/A Medigrock 33 Neutral Outwardly, it resembles the Snaggrock, but it is infused with a revitalizing energy. This is one grock that those who are low on health are actually happy to see. N/A The Sunken Caves
?? N/A Torsiongrock 34 Giants Shortly after its discovery, it was proven that the Torsiongrock is the larger and more powerful adult form of the Springgrock. N/A Imperious Rex Ruins
?? N/A Top Gungrock 35 ?? An elite Gungrock. Only about 2% of Gungrocks develop into Top Gungrocks. It is said the change occurs when a Gungrock kills a bounty hunter sent to kill it. N/A Grockburn Mine
?? N/A Swinghorngrock 36 Special A new species of grock that looks and acts like a bull. It seems to get very agitated around Dillon, but it may be that his red back shell provokes his reaction. N/A Imperious Rex Ruins
?? N/A Gold Bossgrock 37 Boss A rare type of golden Bossgrock. Historically, those who have discovered these monsters have gone on to become the wealthiest citizens of their country. N/A Imperious Rex Ruins
BigSwonghorn N/A Big Swinghorngrock 38 Boss A fully mature Swinghorngrock. Its said that years ago, a single Swinghorngrock was responsible for destroying an entire large-scale-tunnel construction site. N/A Imperious Rex Ruins
?? N/A Mini Motogrock 39 ?? This species is the juvenile form of the Motogrock. It does not yet have a vehicle. When it matures, it somehow gets its vehiclefrom somewhere. Much is still unknown. N/A Grockburn Mine
?? N/A Mini Vulcangrock 40 Boss An immature Vulcangrock. It blossoms into an active volcano at about 100 years old; however, it produces very little magma and doesn't generate Magmagrocks. N/A Imperious Rex Ruins
?? N/A Barrel 41 Barrel  ?? Saloon Saloon
?? N/A Tough Barrel  42 Barrel  ?? Saloon Saloon
?? N/A Mecha-Barrel [1*]



A crazy, illegal killer machine made from a large water barrel. Not quite perfect, maybe because they ran out of development funds. The Old Mission N/A

[1*] This is based off of the last ranger list, this grock is not included.

Grock list (Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers)

There are over 25 species of Grock in Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers.

Grock Icon Name No. # Type Description Frontier Village(s)
Footgrock Regular
Weakgrock Regular
Bossgrock Boss
Stronggrock Regular


  • Some grocks resemble Goombas from the Mario series.
  • The main motif of the darkened sky and the red coloration during the Grocks' attacks should be due to volcanic activity, as the high concentration of sulfur dioxide expelled from the craters of volcanoes (and Grock Dens) often left the sun setting with a very reddish color


  • Japanese wikia page [1]
  • Eruption darkened the world in 1815 [2]