Gun Tower
Tower Placeholder
Icon Un-built: Un-Built Gun Tower Map Icon

Built: Built Gun Tower Map Icon

Basic Damage No Hold Arms
Highest Level N/A
Wood Cost 700
Iron Cost 1400
Steel Cost 3500
Wood Health 270
Iron Health 720
Steel Health 1620
Village Introduced Cinchville

These are hastily remodeled watchtowers. The gunners are experienced war vets, so they can be counted on in a pinch.

Gun towers are important structures that expands visible areas on the map and attacks Grocks. They are capable of equipping various types of guns, each dealing a certain amount of damage to a Grock, with a constant rate of fire within a given range.


These towers are essential for intercepting Grock attacks.

  • Different types of guns can be mounted to a gun tower. Each has its own strategies and uses, such as the Shotgun being used to defend the immediate area a particular tower.
  • Some Grocks prioritize attacking gun towers over villages. If a Grock cannot be defeated by a gun tower, it can at the very least weaken the Grock so that it can be defeated with a simple Rolling Attack or stall the Grock until Dillon can arrive to defeat it.

See a gun's respective page for specific strategies.



  • All Coyote Troopers are equipped with the same radio device to communicates Dillon and Russ of anything happens.
  • If a gun tower is suffering an attack, a advice message from the Coyote Trooper) appears in the Top Screen: "Gun tower # is under attack!"
    • If a gun tower eliminates a Grock, a message from the Coyote Trooper) appears in the Top Screen: "Gun tower # wiped out its target!"
    • If a gun tower is dropped to 0 HP, a message from the Coyote Trooper) appears in the Top Screen: "Darn! Gun tower # is down!"

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