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Key Word Gun
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Health Low
Attacks Shoot bullet
Drop Loot Rock Slug (Common)

Rock Nozzle (Uncommon)

Bullet Rock (Uncommon)

"Spits out bullets from its long snout. However, the recoil is quite strong and throws it flat on its back."

The Gungrock is one of the trickier early-game Grocks to take care of, and Gungrocks still remain a threat for the rest of the game. They reappear in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

Gungrocks are pale green in color. Their heads resemble an upside-down cone figure and have a large Rock Nozzle extending from the front, which allows the grock to attack by firing Bullet Rocks. Gungrocks have two rather small legs, and seem to struggle around on their arms instead. Gungrocks and Diggrocks are the only grocks to possess arms of any sort.

Fighting Style


Gungrocks' main purpose is to attack and destroy towers away from their field of range. This makes them dangerous if not monitored constantly, so defeating Gungrocks should be a priority if they're out of a gun tower's range.

In Battle

Gungrocks only have one attack: firing single bullet-like stones at Dillon. Gungrocks will avoid Dillon's attacks each time, nimbly sliding to the side to avoid attacks. The only way to land a hit on a Gungrock is to wait for the grock to finish its attack and avoid it, or using the forward roll move while it is charging and then attacking it in that split second opening. After shooting a stone, the Gungrock will fall backwards from recoil, becoming briefly immobile. This is Dillon's only chance to attack a Gungrock.

Their defense isn't notable, only difficult to penetrate with the Gungrocks' evasiveness.



  • Though it falls on its back after firing a projectile in battle, it shows no signs of recoiling after firing on a tower besides a slight pause.
  • If you let the Gungrock shoot and use the Roll Attack aimed for the bullet, you negate the attack. If you go at it with a fully charged charge attack, it will desroy the bullet and allow Dillon to continue on to attack the grock with the charge attack, also yielding the VC bonus "bullet catcher".
  • In the game Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, Russ and one of the village mayor talks about these grocks about hearing their gunfire from a distance. That sound is never heard unless moved closer to the grock.