Herbal Remedy
Client Sebastian
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western


Task Find the Medicinal Herb that grows near towers!
Reward Money 200
Penalty - Money 150

In the quest Herbal Remedy, Dillon must find the medicinal herbs for helps the Sebastian's Son in Cinchville.

Reminder: the quest has to be taken before Dillon can find the item.

Location of Medicinal Herb

North of the village, nearby the gun tower in the far north-east.

Getting the Quest

Sebastian: - Hey! Can you help my boy? He's got terrible pain in his gizzard!

Sebastian's Son: - Paw! My belly hurts!

Sebastian: - If only i could get one of the medicinal herbs that grow out near the tower...

But i can't leave him alone in this state.
Please help my poor boy!

Cleared task

Sebastian: - These are the herbs he needs! I can’t thank you enough!

These herbs might not taste nice, but you have to eat them all, Son. No pecking!

Sebastian's Son: - ...

Burp! I feel better now!

Sebastian: - Well, he seems to be healthy again. Thank you.

Failed to complete task

Sebastian: - My poor boy... We will just have to forget about those herbs.

Sebastian's Son: - But... my belly really hurts! Paw!

Sebastian: - Don’t worry, Son. I’m sure a ranger wouldn’t leave you in such pain.

He’s duty bound to pay your doctor’s bill.

Sebastian's Son: - My belly hurts, but i still believe in you, mister!

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