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Hit Combo is related with number of continuous linked attacks (in battle field or mining) made by the various Dillon's abilities: Roll Attack, Claw Attack, Charged AttackGrind Attack, Drift Attack, and/or Tunnel Attack. The most easy way for a higher hit score is using the Grind Attack with the lowest level equipment: Basic Spikes or Silver Spikes. The Hit combo rewards the player with items and money, higher scores producing much more precious rewards. For each 10 hits Dillon receive one little amount of Money, which nearly doubles for each 10 hits above.

List of Earnings

Regular Earnings

This applies to most grocks and objects:

  • 10 Hits = Money 10 (dropped one Bronze coin)
  • 20 Hits = Money 20 (dropped one Silver coin)
  • 30 Hits = Money 50 (dropped one Gold Coin)
  • 40 Hits = Money 50 (dropped one Gold Coin)
  • 50 Hits = Money 100 (dropped two Gold Coins, each values +50)
  • 60 Hits = Money 100 (dropped two Gold Coins, each values +50)
  • 70 Hits = Money 500 (dropped five Platinum Coins, each values +100)
  • 80 Hits = Money 500 (dropped five Platinum Coins, each values +100)
  • 90 Hits = Money 500 (dropped five Platinum Coins, each values +100)
  • 100 Hits = Money 500 (dropped five Platinum Coins, each values +100)

Golden Earnings

The linked attacks can normally spawning Money 10 every 10-hits, Money 20 for 20-hits, Money 50 for 30-hits in this list. But fighting against Golden Grocks, the same list have the speed tripled. This applies to any type of Goldgrock:

  • 10-hits earns Money 50 (one gold coin)
  • 20-hits earns Money 100 (two gold coins)
  • 30-hits earns Money 500 (five platinum coins)
  • And each 10-hits after this, ever earns the player with more Money 500 (five platinum coins)



  • If Dillon continuously link Grind Attacks with Boss-type grocks, namely Diregrocks and Vulcangrocks, combos above 100 can easily be reached with a combination of grinds.
  • If Dillon continually link Grind Attacks, the number of Hits changing colors according with this list:
    • Yellow 2 - 19 Hits
    • Green 20 - 29 Hits
    • Blue 30 - 49 Hits
    • Red 50 - 69 Hits
    • Purple 70 - 99 Hits
    • Gold 100 Hits or more
  • In TLR if the player finish a grock squad with 20 Hits or more, generates some bonus points inside Stages, known as VC Points. Exists one accomplish VC Points for the colors: Green, Blue, Red, Purple and Gold combos.

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