Icon Home Icon
Item Type Crystal
Main Usage Transports back to the village entrance
Dropped By.../Found in... Village Shop, Grocks
Rarity Uncommon
Cost to Buy 500
Cost to Sell  ??

"This crystal transports its user instantly back to the village."

Home is a type of Crystal that teleports Dillon back to the Village entrance, used in Dillon's Rolling Western and in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. This item is similar to all crystals but with a green center. It can be used during the Prep time for an instant warp to the village if there is not enough time to get back to the village. This item can also be used if Grocks slip past Dillon's defenses and head towards the gates. 


  • Unlike most the crystals, Dillon can only carry 1 at a time, as opposed to the usual 3.