Inside Track: First Train Arrives!
Client Kathy
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger Railfork Farm
Task Make sure the train gets to the village with 75% or more health.
Reward Money 250
Penalty - Money 125

In this quest Inside Track: First Train Arrives!, Kathy requests Dillon to keep the train from getting damage from the grocks with a minimum of 75% health.

Getting the Quest

Kathy: So you're a ranger? My name's Kathy. As you can see, I LOVE trains!

They say a train is on it's way here, so here i am. I don't care if it's dangerous.
After going through all this trouble, I want to see the best, shiniest train ever!
It would be terrible if grocks were to smash it up, don't you agree?
It should have 75% health at the very least. Any less is UN-AC-CEPTABLE!
So can you get the train here with minimal damage? I'll give you a nice reward...
You'll do it? Great! I've been looking forward to this so much!

Cleared task

Kathy: ??

Failed to complete task

Kathy: ??

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