Jump Pad
Icon  ??
Purpose Launchs Dillon in one distant point of the Stage.
First Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Found in... Fort Denial

"A launching contraption that works in conjunction with a landing pad. Like the spinner device, for some reason only Dillon can use it."

Jump Pad (or known as Jumping Pad) are strange devices placed in some critical points of the stages. Only Dillon is capable of operating them. It is one of the fastest ways of getting from one side of the stage to the other without dash rolling. Jump pads come in 2 colors : Orange and Blue, and only the corresponding color of the jump pad will launch a player to the same color of a landing pad.


  • The Jump and Landing pads are first encountered in Stage 6: "A Muddy Promise".
  • To use it, the player needs encounter a Landing Pad and activate it by pressing the L button. Then the player needs to find a Jump Pad and activate that using the L button as well. Use a Dash Roll towards the device and and then a select screen to select any Landing Pad the player already activated and use Dash Roll again to launched across the field like a cannonball.


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