Lovely Bubbly
Client Madam Croaky
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western

River Delta

Task Collect 10 Candy Drops!
Reward Money 2000
Penalty - Money 1000

In this quest, Dillon must collect ten Candy Drops from mining ore piles in the River Delta.

Getting the Quest

Madam Croaky: - Ribbit! Hello!

My hubby hasn't been himself lately.
I may be a rich and well-loved socialite around town, but my wealth is really all due to my husband.
All I am good for is looking after him.
So I have to make him feel better again.
I want to give him one of his favorite jewel baths.
We have a large bathtub, so I simply must have 10 candy drops.
If's not a rare stone, so I'm sure they will be easy for you to find.
You won't let me down, will you?

Cleared task

Madam Croaky: - I knew you could get enough candy drops for me.

Now I can make a sweet bath that'll make my hubby feel super!
And I'm sure my husband will still enjoy the bathwater even after I'm done.

Failed to complete task

Madam Croaky: - Croak! My hubby won't be able to take a jewel bath now!

He won't get any better in just plain hot water.
I knew you wouldn't understand! I demand compensation!

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