Madam Croaky
Madam Croaky Portrait
Species Frog
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
Affiliations Client
Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger

"Ribbit! You can call me Madam Croaky! I'm a wealthy pond owner with a penchant for precious stones."
-Madam Croaky

Madam Croaky is a rich jewelry maker and pond owner in the game. She enlists Dillon's help to find Gems and other rare items to make precious jewelry for herself. In the last quest Dillon completes, she reveals that she will be a mother.

Quests in Dillon's Rolling Western

Quests in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger

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  • If the player accepts the quest "Skull Collecting", Madame Croaky will greet Dillon by saying "We meet again Dillon" even if the player didn't accept her first or second quest.

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