Madam Croaky's Red-Hot Helmets
Client Madam Croaky
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger Gambol Ranch
Task Collect two red helmet rocks.
Reward Money 320
Penalty - Money 160

In the quest, Madam Croaky's Red-Hot Helmets, Madam Croaky asks Dillon to bring her two Red Helmet Rocks for her wedding anniversary.

Getting the Quest

Madam Croaky: Ribbit! Good evening. It's me. Madam Croaky.

Have I told you that my wedding anniversary is coming up?
I was thinking I'd go out for dinner with my hubby in matching outfits. Lovely!
What I need are two red helmet rocks.
A couple wearing those as part of their ensemble would be stunning, don't you think?
Please bring them to me!
Please, I'm counting on you to get them for me! Ribbit!

Cleared task

Madam Croaky: Ah, these must be the red helmet rocks! You can't buy these just anywhere.

They're a perfect fit, nice and red. And best of all, they are very, very rare.
Nobody will have ever seen this kind of hat! I'm so happy!
Croak! Here's your money.

Failed to complete task

Madam Croaky: ??

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