Madam Croaky is Back!
Client Madam Croaky
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western Danger Valley
Task Collect 5 Orchid Hearts!
Reward Money 4500
Penalty - Money 2250

In this the quest Madam Croaky is Back!, Madam Croaky asks Dillon for search some Orchid Hearts in the Danger Valley.

Getting the Quest

Madam Croaky: - Croak!

Croak! Croak!
Croak! Sorry, I had a frog in my throat! Croaky's back!
The most amazing thing happened at my husband's funeral.
My eyes fell upon the frog of my dreams!
It just so happens we got married and he is up to his eyeballs in money!
They say you can't buy love, but loving the right froggy can make you rich!
Now that I'm married again, I've regained my love of gems. That's right, Croaky is back!
It's a bit short notice, but I need to return to my lavish lifestyle right away!
I need a symbol of my new love -- 5 orchid hearts should be enough.
One for me, and the rest I will give to my fancy friends.
I'm sure it won't be easy to find them all...
But now that money is no object for me, I will pay you handsomely.
I'm counting on you! Ribbit!

Cleared task

Madam Croaky: - Wow! The purple sparkle in these stones is so regal!

Their beauty has exceeded my expectations.
And now I have my flippers on them.
Now for your reward!

Failed to complete task

Madam Croaky: - Croa...! I can tell you failed by the look on your face.

My new husband was looking forward to seeing those purple sparklies too.
We both demand compensation!

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