Madame Adler
Madam Alder
Species Eagle
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
Affiliations Dillon, Russ, Various Villages, Various Mayors
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"Nondeputized rangers? You'd better not be wasting our time!"

- Madame Adler

Madame Adler is the head of the village in Rio Grande. She upgrades the Shotguns, Gatling Guns and Cannons to Level 2. She explaines the uses of dynamites on boulders to liberate your path.

Adler can be compared to Howlihan in that both order Dillon and Russ not to slack off.

Quotations (in DRW)

Rio Grande

After returning village (in Prep Time) he says:

Madame Adler: - How's the preparing going, ranger? Have you run into any problems?

After select Donate scruffles in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Madame Adler: - The scrogs are the village's lifeblood!

After complete a Defense Gate in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Madame Adler: - Thank you, ranger. Having strong gates makes us feel so much safer.

After select Exit Village (in Prep Time) he says:

Madame Adler: - Be careful out there... But don't even think about slacking off!

If a Grock Squad approaches the village's gates (in Raid Time), he says in the radio device:

Madame Adler: - Hey! They're almost here!



  • The name Adler is the German name for the eagle, which Madame Adler likely is.
  • Adler threatens to eat Russ, saying that just because he's working for her doesn't mean that she wouldn't eat him.

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