Featured in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Featured Grocks Goldgrock, Gungrock
Start Money 1500
Quest 1 Inside Track: First Train Arrives!
Quest 2 News Flash: Explosive Ace
Quest 3 Two-Ranger Team-Up

"Grock dens have been sprouting up--one, two, three--all around the village! It happened so fast! Help us, ranger!"

Main Stage 1: "Operation: Railroad Rescue" is the first Stage folowing Main Stage 0: "The Red Flash Returns" in the game, Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. This is also the first Main Stage that involves the train. Dillon and Russ applies Cappy's plan to protect the village train.



Day 1

First Arrival

Abraham: The Armadillo and the squirrel has come to my farm! MY farm!

You're finally here! I'm overwhelmed with joy!
You're the young heroes who brilliantly stopped the grock's rampage last year!
The invincible ranger Dillon, and his sidekick, Topper!

Russ: Um...who's Topper?

Abraham: Ho ho! What do you mean, "Who's Topper?" Why, you're Topper!

I mean, you totaly look like a Topper. That's your name, isn't? Topper?

Russ: The name's Russ!! I'm RUSS, the squirrel!

Abraham: Oh. I beg your pardon. Well, I am Abraham, the pig.

Hm. To make up for getting your name wrong, please accept this...It's a crystal!

Russ: What kind of crystal?

Abraham: It's a bomb. And, boy, does it pack a grandiose BOOM too!

Russ: That's great, isn't it, Dillon? Something like this is sure to make our job a bit easier.

Abraham: You heard the news from Governor Cappy, right?

The grocks are now attacking the railroad tracks...

Russ: Yeah, we heard... Any ideas on why they are doing that?

Abraham: We don't know... But it might be that they simply don't like new things.

Thanks to the grocks, we're short on supplies, which makes things a bit rough.
Please ranger! Please defend the village and the railway!

Prep Time

Russ: That pig... Calling me Topper... Who does he think he is?!

But you know, buddy...that bomb he gave us may actually be useful.
A bomb like that can deal a lot of damage to grocks...
It should be a pretty quick and efficient way to get rid of an entire group of them.
We have two days until the train comes through here...
If you think the bomb crystal will help, don't hesitate to set it off!

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It's almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 1

Abraham: Thank you! I'm so glad you made it back here alive!

What wonderful work you did! I even... well, I cried for joy!
During the battle, when all those terrible creatures appeared... I squealed!

Russ: Dillon, that greenish one... You really need to be careful about that one.

Abraham: It's a crafty one. We could hear it--Bang! Bang!--from far away!

If you hadn't stopped it, it would've leveled all the towers in no time!
But you finished it off rather brilliantly!
Well done, Dillon! And thanks in advance for fighting tomorrow too!

Day 2

Prep Time

Russ: Hey, buddy, I talked to you about this yesterday, but...

you know that green grock with the long arms?
The one that attacked the towers from outside of shotgun range?
If it's visible from the tower, you'll be able to see it on the map on the Touch Screen...
Still...for a grock to use guns, well, that's pretty unfair, don't you think?!

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It's almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 2

Abraham: You did it! You got rid of all the grocks! Thank you so much, Dillon!

We all survived another day! Oh much joy to you, on this beautiful, beautiful evening!

Russ: Farmer Abraham, you sure are one excitable swine!

Abraham: Well, fighting probably comes so naturally to you...

When you're my age... Come back and tell me how you feel 30 or 40 years from now.
I'm just thankful to live in these peaceful times!

Russ: do realize we're at war with these stone freaks?

Abraham: Good heavens! Is that right Topper? ...I mean, Russ!

How silly of me! This IS war! Every day must be filled with terrible, terrible battles!
But even so, I always look on the bright side of life! We're alive! We're breathing!
Super! Fantastic! It's great to be alive!

Russ: Um, farmer Abraham... Dillon looks like he is hungry!

Day 3

Prep Time

Russ: Buddy, today is our last day!

I wonder if the grocks will really attack the train.
Remember, Old Man Turtle said he isn't allowed to go too fast...
A train as slow as his will be a sitting duck for those attacking grocks, won't it?
Buddy, you need to keep the safty of the train in mind as you prepare the defenses.
Check all the towers and village gates one more time...
Lets welcome Old Man Turtle as his train to town with a rip-roaring defense!

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It's almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Raid Time

Old Man Turtle: - Comin' through, Dillon! Clear the tracks!

[After the train gets close enough to the goal, a cut-scene shows the train going into the village]

Old Man Turtle: - I'm at the entrance! The train made it!

Right! The train's stopped! The car's in the barn!

[After end the Raid Time (defeating all grocks or the duration time expires), a cut-scene of Dens disappearing in the ground is displayed.]

Russ: - We did it! The dens are collapsing!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 3


Side Stage 1: "A Tip for the Dead"  ---------- Side Stage 2: "I'm Number One!"


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