Maskgrock Art
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Key Word Mask
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Health Low
Attacks Charge, Headbut
Drop Loot Stone (Common)

Whet Stone (Uncommon)

Mask Rock (Rare)

"Grocks that wear large masks. They're just Weakgrocks,but some are clever enough to armor themselves for battle."

The Maskgrock is none too special, really just a Weakgrock that has armored itself. They first appear in Fort Denial. They will reappear in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

Maskgrocks have the usual pale blue coloration of all Weakgrocks. Their circular masks are crafted of a red-and-white metal. Large bolts can be seen screwed in a straight line down the mask. The only openings in the mask are those for the eyes and mouth.

Fighting Style

Maskgrocks attack in an identical manner to the aforementioned Weakgrocks, simply attacking by trying to knock Dillon with their heads.

Their defense is also weak from the back, though they are invincible from the front thanks to their mask. With the higher-level gear Dillon will likely have acquired by the time he reaches Fort Denial, they will take a mere single shot from the back to dispatch.



  • It is never revealed exactly how the grocks create or equip such masks, as they lack any sort of arms, minus Gungrocks and Diggrocks.
  • A more well-armored grock, the Helmgrock, begins to appear in Danger Valley.