Map Icon Mawgrock Map Icon
Key Word Maw
Grock Type Special
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Health High
Attacks Bite, Crunch, Tailspin
Drop Loot Tailstone (Common)

Sharptooth (Uncommon)

Doom Stone (Rare)

"An extremely strange aquatic grock. As it evolved to live in water, it coincidentally came to resemble an alligator. Its ferocity and appetite are unmatched."

Mawgrocks are dangerous aquatic Grocks introduced in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. They have the capability of swimming through water where most towers (excluding cannons at some times) and Dillon, unable to attack them, making them terrible grocks to deal with during grock raids.

Physical Appearance

Mawgrocks appear light orange and brown in color, resembling a stone-like gator with a short tail, a long jaw, and only two legs to walk. The lower half appears brown because that part of the body is mostly exposed to water. Their eyes seem to stick out, only connected to the top of the torso/body.

Fighting Style


Some dens may be surrounded by water, which tells that only Mawgrocks can mostly spawn through there, at some times they come out of dens that are closer to water. They have the adaptive ability to swim through water, making it impossible for Dillon to fight the Mawgrock. Like what Stranger said, “They travel only in straight lines, so then you can tell where they will hit land.”

In Battle

Mawgrocks are somewhat difficult enemies to deal with in battle. When they are in idol position, they are ready to make an instantaneous attack. It has two basic attacks, a bite and a tail swipe, both dealing lots of damage. This makes Dillon’s Rolling Attack useless against it since Mawgrocks are fast attackers from the front. If Dillon happens to get too close, The Mawgrock can swipe his tail around in a circle, dealing more damage and knocking back Dillon.

One way they can be harmed is when it is knocked down by a Drift Attack from the left or right, making them vulnerable to any attack. Another way to harm Mawgrocks is when they spin in a circle, this makes them vulnerable for only a few seconds, however this requires patience and time.



  • The Mawgrock seems to resemble looks and traits of an Alligator
  • Mawgrocks are the only Grocks that can swim/travel through water.
  • In the english version of the official website for Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, the name of the grock was "Crocogrock" with the description: "A new type of Grock spotted near water. They're rock beings, all right, but the way the leisurely swim about this like crocodiles. They've got tough chins that can beat anyone head on." The name seemed to have changed later during the development.

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