Mayor Shelly
Mayor Shelly
Species Tortoise
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
Affiliations Dillon, Russ, Various Villages, Various Mayors
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"We're surrounded by dens! We've set up as best we can, but we can't survive another attack!"
- Mayor Shelly

Mayor Shelly is the 9th Mayor Dillon and Russ meet, in the Dust Bowl. She has many children.


Physical Appearence






Quotations (in DRW)

Dust Bowl

After returning village (in Prep Time) he says:

Mayor Shelly: - What do you need? We'll help in whatever way we can.

After select Donate scruffles in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Mayor Shelly: - Such a help. We'll finally got some scrogs.

After complete a Defense Gate in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Mayor Shelly: - Lovely. A good defensive shell is more important than offense.

After select Exit Village (in Prep Time) he says:

Mayor Shelly: - Take care out there. Don't go into the raid unprepared.

If a Grock Squad approaches the village's gates (in Raid Time), he says in the radio device:

Mayor Shelly: - They're breaking through!


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