Map Icon N/A
Key Word Mecha
Grock Type Boss, Other Enemies
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western
Health Very High
Attacks  ??
Drop Loot N/A

"A crazy, illegal killer machine made from a large water barrel. Not quite perfect, maybe because they ran out of development funds."

The Mecha-Barrel is a crazy killing machine sicked on Dillon by King Ron in The Old Mission. It is made from a giant water barrel and is the only Barrel that attacks. It is imperfect however as its backside remains unprotected. It attacks by use of spikes in the front and flamethrowers on its sides. It is the size of a Boss Grock, there is no Dead Line, and it flinches from any attack from the start. As the fight progesses, avoid any barrels filled with dynamite as they explode after a certain amount of time. While you can avoid the flamethrowers by digging, it's not a good idea as Dillon will pop out of the ground and get hit.


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