Miner Goggles-info

The Miner Goggles

The Miner Goggles are a gift form Mayor Connor that allows Dillon to use the Tunnel Attack. In The Last Ranger, they are replaced by the Mole Talisman.

Step 1

Press the L button and side back the stylus as if doing a rolling attack, or vice versa.

Step 2

Target the grock of your choice.

Step 3

Release the stylus to confuse the grocks and release the L button to emerge and inflict slight damage on grocks.


There are a couple good tricks to do using the Miner Goggles. This move can be use to put out the magma that surrounds Magmagrocks so they can easily be defeated. It also removes the helmets of Helmgrocks, reverting them to the attacking capability and weak defense of the Weakgrock. Digging underground will prevent you from damage until you emerge from the surface again.


  • Russ attempted to wear these goggles, commenting that they were a loose fit before Connor told him they were for Dillon.
  • The Miner Goggles are the only item that Dillon can both train with and not be able to upgrade.
  • The shape of the goggles makes them appear to have been intended for an armadillo to wear, meaning that armadillos could have worked as miners in ancient times.