Mineral Fever!
Client Sebastian
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western Riverford
Task Find the denarium located near a den!
Reward Money 400
Penalty - Money 200

In Mineral Fever, Dillon have search next on Grock's den, the medicine item to Sebastian's Son.

Reminder: the quest has to be taken before Dillon can find the item.

Getting the Quest

Sebastian: - Squawk! My boy's got a fever! He's hotter than a boiled egg!

Sebastian's Son: - Paw, I'm roasting!

Sebastian: - That kind of fever can only be relieved by denarium crystals, but... They are only found near grock dens, so colleting them can be dangerous!

Besides, I have to look after my boy, so I'm counting on your help!

Cleared task

Sebastian: - You found some denarium! This should do the trick.

Hold on, Son. I'll just grind it into a powder so it's easier for you to take.

Sebastian's Son: - ...

Burp! I feel better now.

Sebastian: - He seems to be himself again, thanks to you!

Failed to complete task

Sebastian: - My poor boy...

We will just have to forget about that denarium.

Sebastian's Son: - But... I'm roasting, Paw!

Sebastian: - Don't worry, Son. I'm sure a ranger wouldn't leave us in such a sweat.

He's duty bound to pay your doctor's bill.

Sebastian's Son: - Thanks, mister!

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